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Angela Delaire has been a featured performer with Josephine Lomardo’s West Coast Opera, Christian Women's Club’s, Celebrity Luncheons and worked on projects with Johnny Mann of the Johnny Mann Singers.

Recently, Angela played Grisabella in the broadway musical “Cat’s. And, in A Little Night Music as Charlotte at the Palm Canyon Theatre in Palm Springs. You can also view her family on the Christian Broadcasting Network website on the program the 700 Club. And, the program the “Last Hour”, which had been aired over many parts of the world. Singing from an early age, this Canadian song bird sang like it was second nature to her. The close knit neighborhood she grew up in knew her as the little girl with the big pipes, belting out songs far beyond her years. United Artists came running with offers when she won first place on CJAY Television Winnipeg Talent Contest. It was not to be as her parents wanted her to have a normal childhood. But, it never stopped her from singing as she enjoys performing to this day.  
Angela received her musical training from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada and graduated from N.A.I.T. in Radio and Television Arts. She has delighted audiences in Canada for years before moving to Palm Springs several years ago. Angela and her husband
Dr. Ron Delaire, have a son, Jon, who a sound engineer & musician. And, heads production at the Date Shed in Indio, at the polo grounds.
They have twin daughters, Mariah and Mercedes who both attend UC Irvine who are singer/songwriters.

Angela’s “The Tribute” are traditional hymns and a couple of originals done in her own special way. She also has another CD with original popular music and cover tunes. You can find her most days at Desert Chapel in Palm Springs singing solo’s and performing at Christmas and Easter with Choir and Chorale. Don’t be surprised to hear her singing at the karaoke bars once and awhile. She was a finalist at the World’s International Karaoke competition in 2012. She is now accepting singing gigs for special events and offers something for everyone- as she does everything from classical, pop, country and gospel. Keep track of her on her new website where you can download songs from her CD’s.
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Classic Gospel Collection

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Musical Cover Collection

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